Writers guidlines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Georgia Family Magazine. This information is offered to help you.

Georgia Family Magazine is a regional parenting publication with a circulation of 15,000 monthly copies in Central Georgia. It is a complete and trusted local source of information relating to parenting.The award-winning Georgia Family magazine has a devoted and powerful readership. It is the authority on what to do, where to go, and what to buy for its affluent 55,000+ parent and grandparent readers, primarily in Central Georgia.Established in 1992, this award-winning free publication runs 64–72 pages.


Many of Georgia Family articles are purchased from freelance writers. In a typical issue, readers will find a variety of regular departments: GO: Calendar of Events, Travel, Family Mouse, Children’s Health Bulletin, Women’s Health, Ages and Stages (0–15) and more. Features require careful research, independent reporting, and well-developed story lines. We prefer articles which can be localized to parenting in Central Georgia. However, we do consider general articles which relate to the family. We rarely print articles over 700 words.

Material previously published outside Central Georgia is welcome. We do not buy work from writers who are currently published by our competitors. For reprint offers, let us know where the material has previously appeared.

All work must be submitted at least one month in advance of printing, earlier if possible. If you have an idea keyed to a particular issue, event, or season, we suggest that you send it even earlier. All submissions must be e-mailed to publisher@georgiafamily.com

Internet Publication: Georgia Family Magazine may include all accepted editorial submissions on http://www.georgiafamily.com. This further exposes the editorial to our readers. This Internet exposure does not allow for the redistribution or republishing of the editorial submission. Should Georgia Family receive a request for reprinting, the inquiry will be immediately forwarded to the writer.


All work for this publication must be submitted on speculation by e-mail. Only those articles which will be considered for publication will be responded to. Georgia Family pays on average $20-$80 for first publication rights to feature stories. We will ask you to sign a contract warranting that the work submitted is your original work and agreeing that you will not submit work to any other publication within Central Georgia. There is a different fee schedule for reprints of articles that will be or have been published elsewhere. Payments are made (along with a tear sheet) within the first month of publication for the article.

We may ask that you submit your original work on speculation to: publisher@georgiafamily.com. That means the finished article will be bought only if it meets our standards. We will work with you in the editing process, and we reserve the right to edit all work. Please include your name, address, e-mail and telephone number with all queries and submissions so that we may contact you. If you submit e-mail attachments, please include your contact information on the attachment as well.


I have reviewed and approved the Editorial Guidelines of Georgia Family Magazine.



Writers and Publishers Beware:  A vengeful and narcissistic individual by the name of Christine Basham posted a series of malicious and false statements on the unscrupulous website www.writersweekly.com that were intended to be injurious to me, Olya Fessard, and/or to Georgia Family magazine (GeorgiaFamily.com). Even though the owner of writersweekly.com was informed that the Basham’s statements were false, the site has continued to publish the lies. Be advised that if you have the slightest disagreement with this company, they will try their best to crucify you. 

Georgia Family Magazine has not been harmed by the slander as is evidenced by our website that frequently falls within the top 500,000 websites in terms of U.S. traffic (Source: Alexa.com).  Indeed, our business is run with the highest degree of business and journalistic integrity. Yet, it is despicable behavior that  no one should silently tolerate.

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